Standley Phase 2 In-Person Hybrid Checklist

Standley Phase 2 In-Person Hybrid Checklist

If your family has elected to return to site through the Hybrid model, here are the most important things you need to know.

  1. You will need to print and sign the Acknowledgment of On-Site School Instruction Option to bring on the first day of school.  If a student does not have this they may be returned to online only and not allowed on site.
  2. Every day students MUST pass and submit the ClearPass questionnaire and show proof to their teacher to enter the classroom (screen shot w/date) or print and complete the paper Daily Symptom Checklist and submit to your teacher every day.

Students with last names A-L will attend in-person on Monday and Tuesday then online Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  Students with last names M-Z will attend in-person on Wednesday and Thursday and online Monday, Tuesday, and Friday.  It is important that students attend on the correct days as space is limited.     Printable Bell Schedule

Please review this Standley Phase 2 Welcome with your student so they know all the expectations before arrival, during arrival, at school, and dismissal.  We will expect all students to meet these expectations or they may be returned to online only learning.

Here are an additional 9 things you can do to prepare:

1. Have an age-appropriate conversation with your student about why your family chose the hybrid model or the online option. Students may have friends who made a different decision, and it is important for students to understand every choice deserves to be respected.

2. Practice proper hygiene. Remind students to thoroughly wash their hands for enough time to kill all germs. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends scrubbing your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds. 

3. Practice wearing a mask. Masks will be required when students return to campus, and they are still recommended every time you leave the house. Students should practice covering both their nose and mouth with a snug but comfortable mask.

4. Review the rules on physical distancing. As much as friends may wish to greet each other warmly on campus next week, everyone must keep a respectful distance between themselves and other students. Remind your students about these rules for everyone’s safety.

5. Students may be used to eating, drinking, and using the restroom at any time.  Remind them to plan ahead to use passing periods or communicate clearly with their teacher.  Students may not eat or drink indoors.

6. Confirm your transportation plans with the school staff . Busses will be running modified schedules and routes, so review your plans to get to school on time.

7. School parking lots are for staff only so discuss your drop-off and pick-up plans.

8. Check in with your students to measure their emotional health. Returning to the classroom after a year can be as emotionally difficult as starting school all over again for the first time. Counselors will be available to help, but you can make things easier by talking with your students about their feelings.

9. Know who your child’s teachers are and email them if you any questions about the class.      Staff E-mail listing

Standley Phase 2 Student Bell Schedule

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